How Napoli and Inter can reach the Champions League round of 16

yesterday and Inter lost 3-2 to Borussia Dortmund away at Signal Iduna Park. The Neapolitans are now second in their group on 8 points behind Liverpool at 9 points, and Inter reside in third 3 points behind Dortmund on 7 points and 4 points behind Barcelona leading the group.
So, what’s needed from the Italian team to reach the knock-out stages? Here’s what you need to know:
INTER. Antonio Conte’s men still have to face Slavia Prague away on November 27th and Barcelona home at San Siro on December 10th. Thanks for the Nerazzuri’s 2-0 win against Dortmund in the first leg, they’re ahead of the German in head-to-head meetings on goal difference – as both teams have won one of the two legs. So, in case Inter end up on the same points as Dortmund, they will go through to the round of 16.
Inter would also directly qualify if they beat both Slavia Prague and Barcelona – regardless of the results of the others. Should they draw against Slavia Prague, they would still be in the running for a place in the round of 16 regardless of Barcelona and Dortmund’s results. If they lose to Slavia Prague, they’re only in the running if Dortmund lose both their remaining games and Inter beat Barcelona.
But with a victory against Slavia Prague, Inter has the fate in their own hands ahead of their last game at home to Barcelona.
NAPOLI . With a victory yesterday against Salzburg, Napoli would’ve secured qualification to the round of 16. But now it’s postponed to the next two games. Ancelotti’s team will face reigning European Champions at Anfield on November 27th and Genk home at San Paolo on December 10th.
Liverpool currently lead the group on 9 points, Napoli second at 8 points, Salzburg at 4 and Genk at 1 after four games played. Napoli needs at least two points to qualify for the next round from their coming two games against Liverpool and Genk. However, they can also qualify if Salzburg lose or draw against Genk in the next game – regardless of their result against Liverpool.
With a Salzburg win over Genk, Napoli would still reside ahead over the Austrians regardless of their result against Liverpool, but that means it all depends on the last game at home against Genk. Napoli has the fate in their own hands, they just have to get a win in one of the final two games against Liverpool or Genk.


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