How do I know if my relationship is healthy?

It’s good to check in with yourself from time to time to see how you’re feeling about your relationship. The questions below focus on romantic and sexual relationships, but they can apply to other kinds of relationships, too. After you’ve asked yourself these questions, it could be helpful to answer them again from your partner’s perspective.
Does your partner listen to and respect your ideas?
Does your partner give you space to spend time with your friends and family?
Do you have fun spending time together?
Do you feel comfortable telling your partner when something they do upsets you?
Do you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings?
Can you tell your partner what you like sexually?
Does your partner make an effort to get along with your friends and family?
Is your partner proud of your accomplishments and successes?
Does your partner respect your differences?
Can you talk to your partner about birth control and/or safer sex?
Relationships can be complicated, but if you answered “yes” to all of these questions, there’s a good chance you’re in a healthy relationship. If you answered “no” to two or more questions, you might be in an


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